India Sudar computer center at Melappedu

Dear Friends,

We have succesfully started the second computer centerat Melappedu village near Avadi. Please find below theinfrastructure provided by our trust:

Machine 1:
Dell PC:Pentium PIII 450Mhz,128 MB RAM,20GB HDD,LG 15″ Colour Monitor 15″CD-ROM Drive,1.44″ FDD100Mbs Ethernet,Samsung keyboard,Samsung mouse
Assembled PCs:

Machine 2:
Intel Celeron 600 Mhz,128MB RAM,20GB HDD,Colour Monitor,CD-ROM drive,1.44″ FDD,100Mbs Ethernet,Keyboard,Mouse

Machine 3:
Intel Pentium II 450 Mhz,128MB RAM,20 GB HDD,Colour monitor1.44″ FDD100Mbs Ethernet,TVS Champ Keyboard,Mouse

8 port HubNetwork cables
Others: Computer table with capabity of 5 computers

I would like to say my sincere thanks to Mr. Athi and Mr. Senthil members of our trust for helping totransit and setting up the computers in Melappedu on09/04/2006(Sunday).
This computer center is functioning from today(12/04/2006)onwards. The beneficiary will be the poorstudents who have completed the 10th and 12th standardof Melappedu village. This center will be taken careby Mr. Jagan who is the trustee of Suyam CharitableTrust. We will update you the status periodically.

We thank you all for the kind co-operation to make ithappen.

Project Report:

With warm regards,
Suresh R.
Trustee, India Sudar Educational & Charitable Trust,

Our Sincere thanks to following members for this work:

6 . Suresh R
139. Prabu.M
32 . Manigandan
91 .Athitha Nadarajan.S
144.Senthil Kumar.B
1 .Udhaya Kumar.V
4 .Sargunan.T

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee

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