Renewal of 80G (Income Tax exemption)

From: “Suresh R.” <>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 05:22:39 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [India Sudar] Renewal of approval u/s 80G (Income Tax exemption)

Dear Friends,
We are glad to inform you that our application filedfor renewal in Income tax under section 80 G isrenewed. Please find the attached scanned copy ofapproval letter in pdf format for your reference.

With best wishes,
Suresh R.
India Sudar Educational & Charitable Trust



  1. Why should we get the 80G
    what are the benifits to a firm
    what is the useage of 80G
    what is the role of 80G in the Income Tax
    what are the benifits if we get the 80G

  2. i want to know knowledge about deductions of income tax in india
    we want to know how to get 80g certificate in any ngo .

  3. In India, Under 80G we will get 50% Tax exemption for donation. You can start this process to get 80G based on your Trust deed and some of the Income Tax Department forms. You need to fill this apply it. To provide tax excemption for any Trsut, Trust should follow some of the precondition which is given by Tax Dep. Pls contact your Accountant to fill this.

  4. awsome site for knowldge portal

    i want to know how can a charitable trust register itself with income tax authority bywhich it can give tax releief to its doner for their contribution to trust

    warm regard,
    suchitra kher

    1. Sir, Anybody in India want to start Trust, Please contact me i will help you starting the Trust, getting 80G, 12AA, 35AC, 35 i & ii. P. RAJENDIRAN, MOBILE: 09367528746

      1. Dear sir,
        Firstly I thank’s for your support. We have a eductional & charitable trust, We want to know
        what is 12a and 80G. How and why is it done? If a government servent gives donation to us what is the
        conditions and how he will get banefits from us ?
        Looking for your reply and hope your kind cooparation for future. May god give you all
        Thank you
        Your brother

  5. 1. to register a trust only registering the trust deed at register office is ok .
    2. how to get tax exemption for donations recived .
    3. what r the benefits of 80G tax exemptiom.
    4. when can we apply for exemption after opening charitable trust .

  6. 1. to register a trust only registering the trust deed at register office is ok .
    Yes. Its Enough. You have to register at Register Office.
    2. how to get tax exemption for donations received .
    As a trust you can provide tax exemption certificate (Reciept), if you have 80G. So you need get 80G to do this.

    3. what r the benefits of 80G tax exemption.
    Donor will get tax exemption for 50%

    4. when can we apply for exemption after opening charitable trust .
    once you got registered dead, you can apply for tax exemption.

  7. Sir,
    Pls let me know what are the documents required to applying for Income Tax exemption for Trust under 80G.

  8. Hi all,

    How much amount can be donated to the trust under 80G section, i.e. 50% deduction. Suppose a person getting 5 lacks taxable GROSS SALARY (Yearly). So how much percentage of gross salary can we donate. Can we get receipt for total 5 lacks rupees as donated? so it will be 2.5 lacks money will be deduction.

    1. A doner can donate any amount but the tax exemption u/s 80G will give him benefit only for an amount equal to 10% of his income.
      That means if i am earning Rs.5 Lakh as an income, I may get tax benefit on the contribution upto Rs.50,000. The amount donated by me above Rs. 50,000 will not qualify for tax exemption.

  9. Dear Sir,

    If we have already registered trust (reg. in july 09), can we apply for 80g exemption if yes then what is the process and what documents required for it.


    1. Request for renewal form of our Regd. Trust under the name Reachout Educational, Employment Trust for Disabled, Underpreviliged Women and Children, Bangalore

  10. We want to know the procedure for renewal of 80g. From where can i get the form, charges and what documents i have to submit? Date of validity is 31/03/2010 of our 80g certificate. so plz let me know soon.

    Please Remind me i am Mr. P. RAJENDIRAN. Already i gave Rs.22,500-00 and my friends gave you totally Rs.28,000-00. Please reback these amount immediately. URGENT.

  12. Dear Sir,
    Let me know that our NGO called Rural action for social integration (RASI) is on improvement of economic condtions of poor and also carrying out social welfare & developmental activities.

    Meant time RASI has 80 G approval from 1/1102007 to 31/03/2009 so my question is to required to get renewal after 1/4/2009. please let me
    Sincerely Yours

  13. It is learnt that government of Maharashtra has issued some G.R. stating that 80 G certificate will get renewed automitacally without applying everytime. However I have not seen the G.R. Kindly let me know about this

  14. Ours is a NGO. We are working for empowerment of rural youth in Konkan. We want urgent registration under 12A and *0g who will help me I will pay the charges whatever it may be.

  15. We applied for renewal of 80G of Income tax Act 1961, vide our letter Rasta/03/Admin. dated 15.06.2012. till now we have not received any information from Director of Income Tax (Exemption), Aya kar Bhawan, III floor, District center , Luxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092. we are still waiting for renewal of the same.

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