Visit: Siragu Montessori School

Siragu Montessori School (SUYAM CHARITABLE TRUST)

Note: I am sharing India Sudar Trust Internal mail.

Hi Guys,

I have visited to Siragu Montessori School on 05/Mar/2005 at Avadi. I had discussion with Uma(Trustee) & Jagan(Trustee) in education perspective. I spend just 5 Hrs & Took lunch there itself.

I got very good input from Uma & Jagan, They are expecting more help in education perspective. We can’t change every thing there, But, we can do what we can. We need to think about our financial position also & Find the way to increase Fund.

1. Near this School, They have some 15 Villages. Those village students studying in Government Schools & Colleges. Better we can setup One Computer Training Center to provide Computer education for Village Students only. May be we can start with 3 to 5 Computers initially.

2. Siragu Montessori School required MATHS learning Kits , it’s cost of Rs.28,000.00
We can think about this 2 Work. Hope this is very Simple way to achieve our Goal.

Visit Participants:

1 .Udhaya Kumar.V
57.Ravi Kumar.G

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee


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