Computer Training Center Inaugurated in New Life.

Udhaya Kumar.V

Note: I am sharing India Sudar Trust Internal mail.

India Sudar Computer Training Center Successfully Inaugurated on 11/Feb/2006 in New Life Campus. We (Udhaya, Sargunan & Athi) are reached new life campus at 12.30 and started the setup in Computer Training Center.

Home students very happy while seeing this center with computers, we took some photos in this center. I will send you soon.

We had the meeting with Lalitha, Antony & Dos for Computer Training Center rules and regulations. We have initiated 2 new works in this center for Tuition Teacher in the same day.
I will send you the Project Reports soon.

Sargun & Athi : Thanks for your time

Our Sincere thanks to following members for this work:

6 . Suresh R
32 . Manigandan
91 .Athitha Nadarajan.S
1 .Udhaya Kumar.V
4 .Sargunan.T
2 .Karuppuswamy.T
61 .Tharani UmaMahesh.
13 .Senthil Kumar.P

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee


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